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Privacy Policy

What this privacy notice is for

This policy is intended to provide information about how Resource S.O.S will use (or "process") personal data about individuals including: independent businesses (referred in this policy as ‘customers’); its current, past and prospective customers; and the customer employees and/or their clients.

This privacy notice covers all activities carried out by Resource S.O.S and is applicable to all customers of Resource S.O.S past and present.

This information is provided because Data Protection Law gives individuals rights to understand how their data is used. Customers are encouraged to read this Data Privacy Notice and understand Resource S.O.S’s obligations to its customers.

Use of personal data

In order to carry out its ordinary duties to customers Resource S.O.S needs to process a wide range of personal data about individuals (including current, past and prospective customers) as part of its daily operation.

Resource S.O.S expects the use of personal data for legitimate interests in the following ways:

  • for the purposes of customer selection (and to confirm the identity of  prospective customers and their business(es).
  • to provide business support services, including website maintenance, social media updates, general admin, training and event planning.
  • maintaining relationships with customers including direct marketing or social media activity 
  • to give and receive information and references about past, current and prospective customers, including relating to outstanding fees or payment history, to/from any business institution that the customer attended or where it is proposed they attend.
  • to safeguard customers (and the customer employees and/or their clients) welfare and provide appropriate business support
  • to make use of photographic images of customers in Resource S.O.S publications, on its website and (where appropriate) on its social media channels in accordance to permissions granted by the customers, their employees and their clients.
  • where otherwise reasonably necessary for Resource S.O.S’s purposes, including to obtain appropriate professional advice and insurance.

How Resource S.O.S collects data

Generally, Resource S.O.S receives personal data from the individual directly. This may be via a form, or simply in the ordinary course of interaction or communication (such as email, telephone and meetings).

Finally, in accordance with Data Protection Law, some of Resource S.O.S’s support processing activity is carried out on its behalf its customers such as IT support, web developers or cloud storage providers. This is always subject to contractual assurances that personal data will be kept securely and only in accordance with the customer’s specific needs.

How long Resource S.O.S will keep data

Resource S.O.S will retain personal data securely and only in line with how long it is necessary to keep for a legitimate and lawful reason.

A limited and reasonable amount of information will be kept for archiving purposes, for example; name of business and contact name and work even where you have requested I no longer keep in touch with you, I will need to keep a record of the fact in order to fulfil your wishes and record you have formally unsubscribed from Resource S.O.S’s services.

Keeping in touch and supporting Resource S.O.S

Resource S.O.S will use the contact details of customers to keep them updated about the activities of Resource S.O.S events of interest, including by sending updates and newsletters, by email and by post

Should you wish to limit or object to any such use, or would like further information about them, please contact Adelle Grimley in writing. You always have the right to withdraw consent, where given, or otherwise object to direct marketing.

Any individual wishing to access or amend their personal data, or wishing it to be transferred to another person or organisation, or who has some other objection to how their personal data is used, should put their request in writing Adelle Grimley, Resource S.O.S.

Resource S.O.S will endeavour to respond to any such written requests as soon as is reasonably practical.

Data accuracy and security

Resource S.O.S will endeavour to ensure that all personal data held in relation to an individual and their business is as up to date and accurate as possible. Individuals must please notify Resource S.O.S of any significant changes to important information, such as contact details, held about them.

Resource S.O.S will take appropriate technical and organisational steps to ensure the security of personal data about individuals and customers, including policies around use of technology and devices, and access to a customer’s systems.

As part of Resource S.O.S’s commitment to protecting the security of any data it has put in place measures to avoid data being accessed, damaged, interfered with, lost, damaged, stolen or compromised. In cases of a breach, or suspected breach, of data security you will be informed, as will any appropriate regulator, in accordance with legal obligations.

This Policy

Resource S.O.S will update this Privacy Notice from time to time. Any substantial changes that affect your rights will be provided to you directly as far as is reasonably practicable.

Queries or complaints

  1. Any comments or queries on this policy should be directed to Adelle Grimley, of Resource S.O.S on